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The Odyssey Of A U-boat Commander

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Admiral Topp's memoirs reflect the faith, hopes, errors, and transformations in a man's life, indeed those of a whole generation whose understanding of history and ideology were held captive by the myth of power. The terrible annihilation in World War II and, even more so, the unimaginable destructive potential of nuclear weapons, have resulted in a change in the use of power. The author's diaries and journals, along with their contemporary interpretation, illustrate the political dimension of this change. Topp wrote this book to illuminate a segment of twentieth century history which can only be portrayed truthfully by those who themselves have lived and suffered through it. Topp also describes freely the era of the Third Reich. Even today, after long years of occupying positions of leadership, the author feels the burden of historical responsibility. In this sense his book is a statement about the ambivalence of human existence. It provides answers to the question of why a whole generation of Germans followed the mesmerizing siren song of a totalitarian regime, an experience which still looms like a shadow over the living.

Small Boats Mechanics And Materials

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Why This Book Is Useful The small boat building industry is still largely an art or craft, comprising many manufacturers of dozens of styles and sizes of boats. The overarching factor in all of their boat designs and features is dependence on the choice of materials and the compromises they engender. This book is arranged in five parts, covering seventy two topics. Woven through these topics are text and problem examples that describe the interaction of mechanics and materials applied specifically to small boats. These topics are intended for those wanting more depth in selected areas along the lines of a primer or to just cherry pick engineering concepts. A typical example is Part ll - Hydrostatics, shown below. Part ll - Hydrostatics 10) Fluid forces, principles and common terms 11) Definitions for fluid dynamics 12) Important relationships and equations 13) Fluid pressure 14) Pressure and Pascals Law 15) Calculate the maximum height of a water column in an evacuated standpipe 16) Calculate the pressure a small boat exerts on the water surface 17) Bad weather 18) Calculate the percent drop in air pressure during an atmospheric low 19) Calculate the wind speed from an atmospheric low 20) Buoyancy 21) Buoyancy using Archimedes Principle 22) Pressure under the boat 23) Swamping over the stern with people on board 24) Center of gravity 25) Capsizing 26) Wave action, capsizing force diagrams 27) Surface tension and wetting angle 28) Capillary force This book is a must for your nautical library, if you are among the millions of people involved with watercraft. Boat Builders Boat buyers Insurers Boat designers Informed sportsmen Marine surveyors Boat repairers Boating journals Accidentreconstructionist Materials vendors Sailors everywhere Watercraft safety officers Engineers Marina Planners Coast Guardsmen

Herb's Boat

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A cantankerous old man has built the boat of his and his wife's dreams. But Herb's wife has passed away. He's driven to finish the boat and take his wife's memory on a maiden voyage in the Puget Sound. It just doesn't work out that way. While Herb struggles with his boat, a young couple with two children struggles with faith. The husband is an all-in Christian, the wife, not so much. The tug and pull of allowing faith into their household creates tension, until a near family tragedy changes everything.


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