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Fishing In Moon River

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None of them are what you think - at least, not once comedy writer Peter "Lou" D'Alessio gets his hands on them! Here Pete presents a collection of his best short stories, from the hilarious to the horrifying. From Podunksville to the White House and from Bethlehem to Mars, D'Alessio's irreverent humor takes on Egyptian card sharks, blood-phobic vampires, used camel salesmen, elfish hookers, dead Presidents and drunken possums. Brace yourself for:

  • A sentient robot sent to Mars deciding to ditch NASA and explore the Red Planet his own way.
  • A boy's family and friends being systematically slaughtered - and he wonders if he's the werewolf murdering them!
  • A psychologist going to extreme (and morally questionable) lengths to cure a patient slowly starving himself to death.
  • The ghost of Charlie Chan investigating his own murder with help from the supernatural (and an incompetent great-great-grandson).
  • A jaded Santa crashing his sleigh on Christmas Eve when the only replacement vehicle available is an old motorcycle.

Cat Goes A Fishing

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"Cat Goes A Fishing" is the first in a series of Cat's Adventures. Cat is a frisky, inquisitive, playful cat. He can be very independent or very needy at a moment's notice. Cat loves to fish and spend time in the outdoors. He is on a fishing adventure and would like to share his discoveries with you.

Freshwater Fishing

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Providing essential guidance for a myriad of circumstances and skill levels, this virtually indestructible series of pocket guides includes tips and tricks for exploring the outdoors as well as preparing for natural disasters. From studying wildlife and diverse environments to sound advice for hunting and boating enthusiasts, this collection is ideal for the everyday adventurer. Unlike bulky guidebooks, these waterproof, travel-size companions are perfect for navigating the wilderness, built to endure day hikes, fishing expeditions, and camping trips for years to come. An essential addition to any tackle box, this in-depth guide covers the topics every novice angler needs to know. From basic fishing etiquette to information on the legal aspects of the sport, this indispensable reference also provides tips on when and where to fish, brief descriptions of the 14 most common fish, and instructions for preparing the catch of the day.


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