You can also fish with the rod + reel set at the bottom, allowing the float to flow into the water. This fishing allows you to target larger fish such as bream, sea bream or even sea bass (sea bass). Obviously, the line must be more solid than that used for the minut. For this purpose, if you are looking for big fish on the bottom, use a 30/100 terminal. For thinner peaches, use a 20/100 terminal. For the body of the line, a 35/100 thread will allow you to face countless situations.

As for the baits, you can choose between: Korean, tremolina, shrimp, crab or even a minnow. Don’t hesitate to offer large bites! The bait will attract more fish, it will better withstand the attacks of the minute and do not be afraid of their ability to swallow: sea fish have an oversized throat.


The Sparids are among the most sought after fish by the sea for combativeness and beauty. The bream and other bream can be fished simply from the shore with accessible techniques, even if you are a beginner. Along a dam or a rocky pier, a long barrel of 3 or 4 meters is “lowered” with the help of a picket or a support. A ready-to-fish kit will be sufficient to test this technique. Simple, the assembly consists of a lead whose weight varies according to depth and current (from about 30 to 50 g).

The length of the terminal, in fluorocarbon will be more discreet, it varies from 1 to 1.5 m. The hooks must be round and forged so as not to yield to the powerful jaws of the sparids.

It will not be necessary to launch long distance as the fish spends most of the time near the coast. At this point you can use all kinds of baits – crabs, marine worms or even mussels – of which the real sea bream is delicious.

This more technical fishing is practiced from the beach with long rods from about 4 to 5 meters. These important lengths allow you to pass the line over the waves to position the assembly at a certain distance. The barrels are then placed on pickets waiting for a contact. In the Mediterranean, this technique is practiced with surfcasting light sets (60-120g lead used) while in Oceano, higher weights are used (100-250g).

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